Rabet v1.7.0 has been released

Rabet v1.7.0 has been released

Features are getting unlocked one by one and Claimable Balance is finally available on Rabet! Following the proposal approved by the community weeks ago, Which also fit Rabet’s principles, we decided to add this feature to Rabet.

Notable changes 🛠

  • Add Claimable balance
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Check it on GitHub:


You can view your claimables alongside their status by choosing Claimable Balance on the Wallet Options menu and claim them by clicking on the Claim button.

To create a claimable balance operation you need to first select create claimable balance operation on the Operations List, which is visible in Advanced Mode, and then create your desired claimable balance by specifying the following:

Amount: the amount of an asset the destination address can claim, or in other words, own.
Destination: the address to claim the specified amount.
Time Interval: The time span Destination Address is authorized to claim the Amount

We would like to thank the community who have always contributed to making Rabet the best and perfect wallet on Stellar through their collaborations with us.

About Rabet 📘

Rabet is an integrated set of open-source wallets for the Stellar network, allowing everyone around the world to interact with Stellar.

For developers: Developers can directly inject Rabet into their application through the browser without the need to install an SDK or package. This is the start of safe interaction with your users.
For users: Users can easily do all operations available on Stellar, including asset transfer or asset exchange, and interact with all the Stellar apps in a safe user-friendly environment. Rabet is your key to entering the world of Stellar.

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