Rabet v1.5.0 has been released

Rabet v1.5.0 has been released

We have applied some changes to the Settings structure and added various options to this section. In addition, you will have the option of expanding the page in this version.

Notable changes 🛠

  • Add more options to the setting: Contacts, Backup file, Change password
  • Expand view capability
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Check it on GitHub:

Release V1.5.0 · rabetofficial/rabet-extension
Notable changes 🛠 Add more options to the setting: Contacts, Backup file, Change passwordExpand view capabilityBug fixes and other minor improvements


From now on, you will be able to make a whitelist of your frequently used addresses and access them easily whenever making a transaction without having to take any extra steps.

You may have already experienced the frustrating process of copying every address and memo before entering your wallet every time you wanted to deposit funds to some exchange. From now on, however, you need to go through this process only once for your frequent addresses by saving them to your account and accessing them from Rabet anytime you want.

Backup file

Through this feature, you will be able to export all your accounts imported to Rabet and import them again whenever desired. This comes quite handy when you install Rabet on a new device or if for whatever reason your Rabet is reset and you want to import your accounts. Imagine how time-consuming and cumbersome it would be if you had to import your accounts’ private keys one by one!

To use the backup file feature, you need to go to the ‘Setting-> Backup’ page, save the key given to you, enter a password, and download the file.

For the import you can go the ‘Import Wallet‘ page, choose your file, enter the key, and have all your accounts imported.

Note: The backup file is encrypted with the key by AES 256 algorithm, so you need to keep the key somewhere safe.

Change password

We have received many password change requests from our users and listened to them. You may now change the password you chose when setting the Rabet app.

Expand view

Rabet is now more responsive. In other words, you can now expand Rabet on your browser or use it on larger displays and have a better experience of using a web app.

One step closer to the desktop version. 🌈

About Rabet 📘

Rabet is an integrated set of open-source wallets for the Stellar network, allowing everyone around the world to interact with Stellar.

For developers: Developers can directly inject Rabet into their application through the browser without the need to install an SDK or package. This is the start of safe interaction with your users.
For users: Users can easily do all operations available on Stellar, including asset transfer or asset exchange, and interact with all the Stellar apps in a safe user-friendly environment. Rabet is your key to entering the world of Stellar.

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