RBT Pre-sale Report

RBT Pre-sale Report

The RBT pre-sale finished in a matter of minutes a couple of days ago due to tremendous attention from the Stellar family. We would like to thank all the people participating in this event. They have become the RBT stakeholders who will play essential roles in the growth of the RBT ecosystem.

Pre-sale stats

Total number of participator: 130

Total number of valid participator: 129

Total received:$399,999

Duration: 23 minutes

Here is the list of all valid participators:

Shared with Dropbox

Those who successfully participated in the pre-sale could check their status by going to the pre-sale page and connecting their wallets. You can see the total amount of received RBTs and the details of your monthly parts.

About Rabet πŸ“˜

Rabet is an integrated set of open-source wallets for the Stellar network, allowing everyone around the world to interact with Stellar.

For developers: Developers can directly inject Rabet into their application through the browser without the need to install an SDK or package. This is the start of safe interaction with your users.
For users: Users can easily do all operations available on Stellar, including asset transfer or asset exchange, and interact with all the Stellar apps in a safe user-friendly environment. Rabet is your key to entering the world of Stellar.

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